The Subsidiary of AVIC IRE has successfully completed and handed over of Australia 13MW Mugga Lane Solar Power Station Project

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    On May 30, 2017, the mugga lane solar power station Project was successfully completed and handed over by the subsidiary of AVIC IRE in Australia. This project was jointly developed by AVIC IRE’s subsidiary AVIC AUSTRALIA PTY LTD (hereinafter referred to as “AVIC AUSTRALIA”) and its partners Australia MAONENG Group.



    The mugga lane solar power station project was founded on March 2016, and successfully connected with the grid in Australia on November 16, 2016.During this time, AVIC AUSTRALIA’s project team has been engaged in project planning, strictly controlled the engineering quality and cost, and overcome problems and difficulties in terms of international standard, scheme design, and technology application, etc.

    After the completion of the power station project, the AVIC AUSTRALIA’s project team and partners were responsible for the project operations, successfully ensured the efficiency and economic benefits of the project, and cultivated a high-quality overseas PV project, which exerted much influence on Australia and received high praise from the industry.

    Situated in the south of Canberra Australia, the mugga lane solar power station project, with floor space of 40 hectares and total capacity of 13MW, is one of the three large solar power stations in Canberra. It is estimated that after being successfully put into running, this project will produce green energy of 600 million KWh, reduce emissions of carbon dioxide by 690,000 tons, provide 3,000 households of residents in Canberra with electric power, and bring more job opportunities.

    The successfully completed and handed over of mugga lane solar power station project is another accomplishment of AVIC IRE successful closed-loop management in overseas power station projects, also showed the company produced effect of renewable energy industry development in Australia, and laid a good foundation of AVIC IRE to developing different projects in Oceania renewable energy market .

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