AVIC IRE signs the contract for Nantong Tongzhou District Urban Lighting & Energy-saving Transformation Project

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    On October 26, 2016, AVIC International Renewable Energy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “AVIC IRE”) successfully signed the contract for Nantong City Tongzhou District Urban Lighting & Energy-saving Transformation Project. As the urban lighting & energy-saving transformation project with the largest contractual value signed by AVIC IRE in East China, Nantong City Tongzhou District Urban Lighting & Energy-saving Transformation Project is also a considerably large urban lighting & energy-saving transformation project in China, so it is of huge influence and demonstration effect.


    Located in the southeast of Jiangsu Province and on the north wing of the Yangtze River Delta, Nantong City is adjacent to Shanghai and Suzhou. In terms of economic aggregate, Nantong City ranks the 4th place in Jiangsu Province, and its GDP growth rate ranked the first place in Jiangsu Province in the first half of 2016. As a relatively developed prefecture-level city in economy and culture, Nantong City plays a leading role in Jiangsu.


    Since 2014 when it embarked on undertaking this project, AVIC IRE has undergone several rounds of business negotiations, long-term investigation, repeated discussions, and rigorous sample road tests. After passing the third party testing institution’s rigorous comparison test and effect evaluation to data indexes of the sample road’s lighting system, the project company founded by AVIC IRE successfully landed in Nantong.


    To ensure implementation of the project, AVIC IRE’s professional technical team resided in the project site for a long time to discuss the project’s technical routes and overcome technical problems repeatedly. According to the site conditions and current state of the lighting system, the technical team took fully into account local citizens’ lighting demands and sensory experience. After performing integrating sphere test, light environment simulation, illumination simulation, and spectrum analysis, etc., the technical team made definite LED lighting products’ indicators and parameters like total luminous flux, luminous attenuation, color temperature, and rendering index, etc. On the premise of an overall consideration of the illumination, luminance, evenness degree, and glare ratio, the technical team produced the urban lighting environment effect that meets requirements of all parties, and provided the project owner with first-class LED lighting products and project implementation schemes, which received a wide range of recognition and praise from people of all walks of life. Through unremitting efforts of two years, AVIC IRE and the project owner eventually came to an agreement and completed the project contract signing.



 Project Construction Site


    As a relatively large urban lighting & energy-saving transformation project in China, this project replaced nearly 30,000 lamps and lanterns all told. In this project, original traditional lamps and lanterns with low efficiency and high energy consumption were replaced by energy-saving and high-efficiency LED lighting products. It is roughly estimated that this project’s energy-saving ratio will exceed 54%, and total electricity saved in 10 years will hit about 130 million kilowatts after the project is completed and put into running. That will bring in enormous social benefits.  



Lighting effect after the project reconstruction


    Measurement results show that this project will help save electricity of more than 13 million kilowatts each year, and total electricity saved within the contractual period is about 130 million kilowatts. That is equivalent to reduction of standard coal consumption by 520,000 tons, reduction of carbon dioxide emission by 1.296 million tons, and reduction of sulfur dioxide emission by 39,000 tons. Provided that one 30-year-old fir tree can absorb 111 kilograms of carbon dioxide, this energy conservation and reduction emission campaign is equivalent to planting of 11.67 million fir trees.


    Success in signing this project fully exemplifies the strong sense of social responsibility of the key state-owned enterprise AVIC IRE and helps AVIC IRE take the lead in the urban lighting & energy conservation sector. After it is successfully implemented, the project is bound to trigger another round of urban lighting and energy-saving transformation upsurge in East China and even all over China, and make substantial contributions to China’s energy-saving transformation industry.

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