Building Energy Efficiency


Our company acquits consumption data by an internal user terminalin the process of operation energy, which can help users analyze energy, supervision,optimize the user electricity, water, heat, gas, oil and other energy of building consumption evaluation, management system and strengthen energy management to improve energy efficiency rate and reduce the energy cost.


Integrated solution of building energy efficiency:

Small prior-period investment and large later-period revenue:The electricity consumption data access the platform via interface, which greatly reduces equipment cost of acquisition terminal and daily operation and maintenance cost; management energy saving of 5%~10% can be realized via monitoring, analysis and management and other function of the energy efficiency management service platform software; the energy management level can be enhanced: to provide one automatic, intelligent and systematic energy management platform for users to enhance energy management level;

Provision of accurate same-industry energy efficiency model: The platform cooperates with the electric power company to provide accurate same-industry energy efficiency model of the area for users, and guide users to implement specific energy saving modification;

Focusing on major energy consumption: The platform ranks the energy-using systems and equipment according to energy consumption, making major energy consumption clear at a glance;

Ensuring the safety of energy-using: The equipment alarm function possessed by the platform can promptly find hidden danger to guarantee the energy-using safety;

Expert diagnosis + butler service: Provide professional and specific energy-using assessment report periodically and provide butler-like energy-saving service to help users conduct assistant management of energy use;

Strong support of EMC implementationEnable users to master comprehensive and detailed energy consumption data to provide strong data support for EMC implementation.


Technical product—LED lighting product:

Small power LED lighting products have now been fully matured and entered the quick-replace stage. Many provinces such as Guangdong have started to compulsively promote LED lighting products. Energy can be saved 50%-70% by replacing the conventional incandescent lamp, halogen tungsten lamp, halogen lamp, metal halide lamp and energy saving lamp, etc. to LED lighting products. LED lighting products of our company feature the unique technology-high luminous efficiency which is over 130Lm/W, saving over 30% energy compared to normal LED.


Technical product—energy saving of central air-conditioning system

With many years of exploration, study, test and practice in the field of energy saving of central air-conditioning system, our company combined the modern computer technology, fuzzy control technology, system integration technique and variable frequency speed-regulating technology with the systems engineering method, to successfully develop the highly intelligent and advanced “AVIC-4000 integrated control system for energy saving of central air-conditioning system” which can realize optimization of air-conditioning system running parameters and maximum control of high coefficient of performance (COP) value according to changes of environment and load, and furthest reduce energy consumption of air-conditioning system to achieve system comprehensive energy saving of over 20%.

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