Contract Energy Management


Our company implements energy performance contracting project, providing energy audit, project design, project financing, equipment procurement, engineering construction, installation and debugging, personnel training and energy-saving quantity confirmation, etc. for customers, and shares the energy-saving benefits of customers after energy saving modification


Energy management contract bring the benefits of the energy-using company.

1. Enjoying the energy-saving benefit sharing within the contract term;

2. Enjoying all the assets invested by the energy-saving service company at expiration of energy-saving service contract;

3. Energy-using party can take all the energy-saving benefits after expiration of energy-saving service contract;

4. Energy-using UNIT can save the repair, maintenance and procurement and other service cost within the energy-saving service contract term and enjoy paid services after expiration of the contract term;

5. Intelligent management system enables the power equipment to be always under most economic running state, which reduces motor running loss and total power, and prolongs service life of cable, transformer and motor;

6. Through energy-saving equipment and the use of energy-saving technology can enhance enterprise’s level of safe operation and hazard early-warning, save electricity consumption cost, improve electricity consumption quality, and meanwhile protect equipment safety and strengthen modern management awareness;

7. Enjoying national and local policy rewards and subsidies;

8. Enjoying benefit of carbon emission reducing index transaction generated by energy saving.



The services provided by our company during energy management contract term:


Personnel stationed:Our company promises to station 1 technician for service

Service hotline:7×24h fault service acceptance, 24h service hotline

Patrol service:Our Company provides patrol service for once at least every 7 days to test equipment running situation, eliminate equipment fault and make equipment running records

Training service:Our Company provides detailed training program to ensure that customers can skillfully operate equipment and can troubleshoot and dispose common equipment faults by themselves; provide and organize 3-4 specific energy management trainings every year as required by owner to enhance energy-saving awareness of personnel of Party A and overall improve energy management level of owner.

Software update service:Provide update service of software

Energy assist management:Our company will station the specialized energy management person to assist owner in energy management, enhance owners’ level of energy management and reduce energy consumption cost of owner. The benefits therein are to be shared by both parties according to the established proportions.

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