LED Products


In Shijiazhuang, our company possesses NVC Hebei Operation Center and in regional markets, it forms four-tier sales network of provincial capital, city, county and county-level city, and township and town, and it has over a hundred of channel partners.


Specialized in wholesale and retail of lighting lamps, NVC Hebei Operation Center is dedicated to design and construction of lighting engineering. Adhering to the operation target of “To build a world-class brand and to become the leader in the industry” advocated by NVC, the center has developed to a comprehensive enterprise possessing retail, channel, engineering, big customer and design and other special module from a wholesale type enterprise at its inception.


Our company’s operating products involve thousands of varieties in 6 series, containing commerce, building, office, light source appliance, home furnishing and office, etc. to fully provide superior lighting products and application solutions for customers. With four-tier selling network of provincial capitals, cities, counties and county-level cities, and townships in regional market, possessing over a hundred of channel partners, and over 70 brand exclusive shops. Our company has become the industry leader by virtue of professional technologies, excellent products, outstanding staff and continuous innovation and exploitation.


Our company advocates the concept of “light environment” in order to better serve customers, which beautifies commercial and living spaces by artificial lighting and protects the healthy ecological environment with environment-friendly and energy-saving lighting.

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