Tapioca Chips

AVIC International Energy with a wholly-owned subsidiary in Kampuchea and Australia, engages in cassava cultivation, processing, purchasing and international trade. It is the first company who achieves historic breakthrough of whole ship exporting tapioca from Kampuchea port, so as to break the Kampuchea cassava export bottlenecks. It makes outstanding contribution to the direct export of Kampuchea cassava and overseas energy product layout.


New Energy Company, currently working on tapioca acquisitions layout, has been in Kampuchea region deployed dozens of cassava acquisition station, at the same time, exerted effort to keep in close cooperation with local farmers and middlemen. Through scientific guidance to local farmers, improved cassava crop yields, at present has acquired several thousand tons of cassava and shipment.


AVIC International Energy leased two warehouses in Sihanouk port for cassava storage, there are three in total. Local transport fleet had also established, which has 50 large trucks equipped with the Bei Dou satellite navigation and positioning system. It can manage at any time and schedule of every car, in order to ensure the tapioca timely delivery and properly custody.


AVIC International Energy has signed a long-term supply agreement with a number of downstream manufacturers, and actively developed high-quality customers, strive to sign long-term agreement. We make full use of the national policy to develop bio ethanol and agricultural import areas, reduce the cost and improve the quality of products, in order to provide the most competitive tapioca to customers.


For more details, please visit the website of Cambodia company: www.avic-tapioca.com



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