Gas Turbine


AVIC energy takes advantage of AVIC aviation high-tech industry technological, regarding gas turbine and industrial equipment complete, total package engineering and service as the breakthrough, to fully display research and development, manufacturing, engineering, operation and after-sale services and the integration of the business value chain.


1、Various of product series
AVIC has over 50 years of experience in the gas turbine business. Our product series cover large, medium, small, and micro scale turbines with capacity ranges from 10kW to 114MW. At present, mature products include QD16, QDR20, QD30, QY40, QS45A, QD70A, QD128, QD168, RO110 etc., which are mainly applied in power generation with natural gas, combined heat and power supply with low-to-medium calorific value gas, offshore generation platforms, emergency stand-by power supply, power for heavy machinery and distributed energy supply etc.
2、Various experiences in product application
By the end of year 2011, over one hundred gas turbine units have been put into service around the world. Total installation capacity of natural gas and low-to-medium calorific value gas generation capacity has reached 700MW. Total installation capacity of communication and stand-by power generation gas turbine has reached 60MW.

3、General contracting and service capability
Our gas turbine project general contracting and turn-key service have been widely recognized in the domestic as well as international industry. The main services we offer include gas turbine power engineering and industrial residual energy power generation business (EPC), installation and relocation, overhaul and maintenance, operation management and technology consulting for gas turbine power station, etc.




4、Professional global service system
AVIC’s products have been marketed to more than a dozen of countries and regions around the world. The international service stations and global remote diagnosis centers have been established with professional and timely service capabilities.

Our equipment is remotely and constantly monitoring smooth operations. In case any abnormal conditions occur, troubleshooting procedures will automatically activate to ensure speedy solutions.


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